Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flying Machine

a birthday video for my brother who used to make cool things. like robber traps and stuff.

originally found here  via cool hunting

♥, molly

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Gretings 2011!

For the first time in two years I've been able to celebrate Christmas in Washington. So far the trip's been cold, rainy, and really cold.  When I haven't been freezing, it's also been all sorts of lovely. I have to agree--whoever said "there's no place like home for the holidays" kinda knew what they were talking about.

This year Jill and I are calling "Yoo-hoo!" by sending out our annual Christmas video card in super-speed style.  We hope it puts you in a ring-ting-tingaling mood.  Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas 2011 from Jill Cox on Vimeo.  Music by The Ronettes.
I'd definitely like to thank Jill for being the mastermind behind the video.  Additional thanks go out to Mike for letting us use his camera and for helping us film.

If you're wanting to stretch out the season just a little bit longer, here are our silly videos from Christmas past.  Combined, they'll give you an extra 4 minutes and 23 seconds of holiday cheer.
Christmas 2010: 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas 2009: Christmas in the Mid-East

♥, Molly

P.S. Although at first glance you might think we filmed this in the US, everything of course was done right here in Abu Dhabi. A Christmas display in the mall might not seem like a very big deal, but the more I watch the video, the more I appreciate the open and accepting attitude of our Muslim country.  Thanks, UAE!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Afternoon Stroll

Earlier this week my family headed out one afternoon for a little stroll. I grabbed my camera before we left and I'm so very glad I did.  The natural lighting in Abu Dhabi is usually harsh, glaring, and not very nice to work with; the natural lighting in Everson was moody, dramatic, and completely different.

Here are a few scenes from our winter walk along the Nooksack River.

Horatio--he's completely focused when it comes to playing fetch.

flood plain

So glad my brother was in town for a few days.
rose hips

♥, Molly

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Days!

 Report cards are not my friends.  Ever. Ever. Ever.  3 times a year my life comes to a standstill until they're done. You would think after 5 years of this I'd have it figured out by now, but it still gets me stressed to the max every single time.  I'm not sure you can even imagine how happy I am that they're finished.

This song seemed like a fitting way to celebrate the (temporary) end of my report card troubles!

♥, Molly

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday U.A.E.!

You've come a long way, U.A.E.! Happy 40th!
♥, Molly 

Here's another fun time-lapse video you might enjoy.  This one is 24 hours in Dubai.