Saturday, March 10, 2012

procrastination! new!! improved!!

la photocabine provides a hip new way to procrastinate report card writing.

1. i think i'll put them off a little more . . .
2. oh shoot-oh shoot-oh shoot-oh shoot!  they're due this sunday!
3. ahhh!  i HATE report cards! all i want to do is eat lots of chocolate and run away!
4.  they're done! whoooohooooo!

it's been a fun weekend, let me tell you.
♥, molly

1 comment:

Robin Meyer said...

I LOVE YOUR FACE FRIEND!!!! You are beautiful and i miss you . Thank you for keeping this blog up so I get the priveledge of looking at your face and hearing just a bit about the wonderful things you do.

how are you?