Thursday, January 3, 2013

Check Yes ✔

For my friends and family who haven't yet heard, I think a little introduction is necessary.    Over the past few months I've been spending a fair amount of time with this guy . . .

ha!  he's going to be so pleased that i posted these...

Kind?  ✔
Honest and open?  ✔
Supportive?   ✔
Keeps me laughing?  ✔
Thoughtful?  ✔
Encouraging?  ✔
Willing to talk about things? ✔
Patient?  ✔
Makes me feel respected, cared for, and appreciated?  ✔
Fun to be around?  ✔   
United in faith and purpose? ✔ ✔✔

It was the classic scenario:  Girl likes guy.  Guy doesn't even know girl exists.
For like 3+ years.

And good thing.  Over the course of all those years, guy and girl were both in confusing on again/off again relationships with other people.  Guy and girl both needed to do some growing and changing.  

Then, this fall, the timing was finally right.  Something changed.  Guy finally noticed girl!  Guy asked girl out.  Girl decided to check yes. ✔  

Best decision ever?
Happy? ✔

♥, Molly

P.S.  Excited for you to meet him in Washington this April?

1 comment:

Jen (and Zac) said...

Excited for you ✓

Happy to see that special sparkle in your eye and a smile that never leaves your face when you are with him or when you talk about him ✓✓

Glad he respects you and makes you feel worthy of the love and kindness you deserve ✓✓✓