Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instant Love: An Instax Here & There Holiday

Christmas break was a lovely mix of travel and relaxation.  I was able to spend a week in Germany with dear friends, a week camping and being outside, and a week at home in UAE.  The resulting photos show some of the beautiful sights and quiet little moments that made this holiday so special.

♥, Molly

Little Maren Mouse, Lisa and Justin's 2 year old daughter (Munich)
The littles and Lisa on their way to "Wilderness Kindergarten" (Munich)
Lara and the littles at home after venturing out in the cold to get our Thai take-away (Munich)
Standing tall (Munich)
The swans at Nymphenburg Palace (Munich)
Market on Christmas Eve (Munich)
Christmas Day with Hannah Hardy ♥ (Abu Dhabi)
Sandy! by Hannah, Allan, Molly, Brent (Abu Dhabi)
Family photo with Sandy (Abu Dhabi)
In Liwa it's nothing but dunes for miles and miles (Abu Dhabi)
Dutch Blitz Tournament in Liwa with Alex, Bethany, Evan, & Bella (Abu Dhabi)
Fort City near Nizwa (Oman)
Wadi Damm in the distance (Oman)

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