Saturday, July 29, 2017

9/13 - Tractor Time

This week we made a little trip to my hometown to spend time with family and framily (when friends become like family). Elsie met everyone, Samuel was able to fulfill his toddler dreams with a ride on the tractor, and I came home feeling refreshed. Win, win, win!

, Molly

Saturday, July 22, 2017

8/13 - Nada

The week was over before I knew it . . . and I didn't take a single picture. Instead, here's a favorite from last week to make up for it. 

Most of our summer evenings are spent sitting in our little yard and watching Samuel play. He's so content when he gets to dig in the sandbox and splash in his pool. However, if we really want to pull out all the stops, we let him play with the hose. The baby goes wild! He runs and wiggles, laughs and shrieks, and dances around in the most charming ways. Seeing his joy as he gets all wet is already one of my favorite memories of this summer.

, Molly

Tip: Bystanders fare best when the nozzle is set to "mist". ;-)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

7/13 - 1 month today!

Little Elsie has been with us for one whole month. So far . . .

  • She's an awesome sleeper!
  • She enjoys eating, but has a poor latch and some intense gassiness. With the advice of our lactation consultant we went to Portland for a tongue and lip revision last week. We are counting down the days until we no longer have to do the aftercare stretches!
  • She's started observing more around her.
  • She's working on learning to enjoy car rides. Oh my!
  • She loves being held. And we love holding her.

, Molly

P.S. We're more than halfway through the summer! :(

Saturday, July 8, 2017

6/13 - Hold the Phone

Samuel is doing a lot of talking these days -- just not in words we can understand. He knows exactly what he is saying and then looks at us like we should be on the same page. His latest game is to find random objects -- fridge magnets, high chair buckles, toy boats -- and then use them as a phone. He'll often start off jabbering and then transfer the call to his mama and dada. We will "talk" for a bit and then we try to put him back on the line he shyly refuses. It's been fun seeing him start to play imaginatively!

, Molly

Sunday, July 2, 2017

5/13 - Berry Good Time of Year

Summer is my favorite season! (Which I may have nonchalantly also mentioned here and here.) To make the most of it, I brainstormed a little list of things to do. Here's our Summer Fun List:

  • watch a movie outside
  • make giant bubbles
  • fly a kite
  • build a sandcastle
  • visit the splash pad
  • pick fresh fruit
  • go to the fair
  • swim in the river
  • go camping with friends
  • bake a pie
  • dive off a dock
  • make fresh ice cream
  • go to the Oregon coast
  • ride horses
  • attend Grace Gate's church in the park
  • see the solar eclipse
  • play with sparklers
  • make fresh lemonade
  • ride in the combine
  • sit around a campfire
  • enjoy a picnic lunch
  • take a short hike
  • ride bikes
  • eat smoothies for lunch
  • go on a slip and slide
  • watch the stars come out and the moon rise
♥, Molly