Wednesday, August 30, 2017

13/13 - Out with a . . . Sparkle

We're in the last full week of [what I consider to be] summer and I'm so sad to see it go. It's been such a good one.

Looking back, welcoming Elsie was the definite highlight of the season. She is full of smiles, happiest when cuddled, sleeps like a star, and has the most kissable cheeks. I consider this to be a nearly perfect combination of newborness. ;)

I think we spent our best moments sitting and playing in the lawn each evening after dinner. There was usually a cool breeze after a hot day, a visit from our landlords, or a pretty sunset. (And sometimes all three!) I loved seeing Samuel's joy as he played with his Dada or splashed in the pool. I loved wearing Elsie all snuggled up next to me in the wrap.

I already miss the slow pace of these lazy summer days. We had hours to go for walks, read books, and dig in the sandbox. I will always treasure the way we took so many naps together. There's just something about having both babies asleep on me that fills my little heart with a lot of peace and gratitude.

Even though some days felt really long, it was mostly wonderful to have so much time to be in the moment and to be together.  Farewell, summer. Thanks for being so sweet!
♥, Molly