Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Here and Now: Week 3

Patch of blue

Elsie and I trying to escape winter by pretending it’s summer with a little photo shoot. I picked out our sunniest blanket and a cheery striped romper. It’s an outfit I wore 34 years ago!

Walk at dusk


Silly filters

Me, curious?!

Our friend, Sarah, came over for hot cocoa.

Vegan grilled cheese done right. Boom.

My view while feeding Elsie

We call wearing mis-matched socks “practicing good time management”. ;)


Busy important things to do.

Seven months with this girl. She is amazing.

And she loves to show off her standing skills!

Going hipster with his plaid shirt and cocoa-stache

Winter walk

Dark skies

Nap time

So tall!
, Molly

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