Sunday, February 11, 2018

Here and Now: Week 6

Here’s what we did in our everyday lives this week:

We visited my family! Here’s a scene from the road trip.

Brent behind the wheel

Samuel loves him some seaweed.

Plains and hills

The purpose of the trip was to spend time with my family and to be support crew while my brother had back surgery. We visited him in the hospital one evening.

Reid has endured a lot of pain in the last two and a half months. He’s pretty tough!

Elsie sharing her get-well smile

The hospital had a large play room with nearly every kind of toy beloved by American children. Samuel had a v. hard time leaving!

Elsie was happy to climb on the mats and smile at herself in the mirror.

Elsie with her uncles

Rolling through the lobby.

Bear hugs
Aside from our trip to the hospital, we mostly stayed close to homebase at my dad’s house.

Elsie tried watermelon for the first time!

Naps are our favorite

Kitties lounging in front of the fire place

Holding hands as they walk to the school bus stop

Samuel, directing breakfast

Collecting eggs

Morning sky

“Motorbike” is one of Samuel’s new favorite words. ;)

Feeding the cows

Are free-range goats a thing?

Vine in the water trough

Tractor ride with Grandpa and Aunt “Nono”

Playing football until dark

Snuggle time with Uncle Reid

1 minute later: “More! More! More!”

First introduction to Playmobil

The McGraws’ farmhouse

Elsie’s first selfie, taken while getting a diaper change

Samuel, 22 months (pic by Gigi)

Geese on patrol

Reid, we can’t wait to hear reports of you walking farther and steadier and getting healthier and stronger every day! Get well soon!
❤️, Molly

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