Friday, February 23, 2018

Here and Now: Week 7

Here’s what we did in our everyday lives this week! 

We traveled home from Colfax, celebrated Valentine's Day, and made some big life decisions! More on that last part coming soon.

We slipped in one more round of Jungle Speed before we had to say goodbye. (Pic by Gigi)

Road trip scenes

Time travel in Arlington, Oregon. (Seriously, doesn't it look like this picture could have been taken a few decades ago?)

It’s still winter here. :-/

Valentine’s Day treats from our dear landlords


And homemade play dough hearts

Continuing my tradition of making English muffins for Valentine's Day.

Baking with Samuel is generally awesome. This particular moment, with yeast and water everywhere, was not so great.

I’d take flowers, fruit, and kombucha over chocolates any day.

Playing in the sandbox on a “warm”-ish day.

Wrestle mania

Sister takes a riding lesson.

We ended the week with a visit from Zac and Jenny, dear friends we met in AbuDhabi.  It was short, but very sweet!
♥, Molly

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