Saturday, March 3, 2018

Here and Now: Week 9

Here’s (a tiny snippet of) what we did in our everyday lives this week:

A year ago we met Ben, Amanda, Wyatt, and Owen at a ranch event. They live in Washington, but we’ve stayed in touch and have gotten to see them a few times. We had a fun play date this week.

Blue skies by day, snowstorms by night 

I’ve started to say goodbye to some of my session kids. Goodbyes are always so bittersweet. 

Archie gives lots of kisses to his favorite little boy. Samuel likes to shout, “No, Archie!”, whenever he thinks correction is warranted.

After 17 years, the suitcases I received as a high school graduation gift are a little tired. They’ve held up admirably well with all of the miles they’ve seen, but are now just one conveyor belt snag away from ripping in two. With plans to travel on the horizon, we decided it was time... Here’s to the next 17 years! ;)

Saving the best for last: snuggles with my Little Miss. 

❤️, Molly

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