Monday, April 2, 2018

Here and Now: Week 13

Lagging behind in posting, but here’s what we did in our everyday lives last week: 

Catching up with my former roommate and dear friend, Rose. What a gift to spend time together!

Elsie and Daddy on a chilly Easter day 

Grandpa helping Samuel color Easter eggs

Backyard campfire with the crew

Samuel ate his WHOLE piece of birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Bubba!

A cozy moment between Samuel and Great Grandma Rina

Elsie and Uncle Galen

Adventurous taste-testing with funky JellyBelly flavors. I got dead fish. Yuck.

Walter and his finds

Samuel is two!!! 

On the farm 

Looking, looking, looking 

He was so pleased with his work! 

Lawnmower wagon rides = Samuel’s dream job 

Elsie with her Great Grandpa Bruce 

My mom made Samuel a monster truck cake! He loved it.

Faith and I met 16 years ago at Capernwray. I loved our little reunion. Watching our kids play together was the sweetest.  L-R: Faith, Joshua, Anna, Samuel, Joy, Elsie, Molly

Samuel: TRACTOR!!!!!

Starting the process 


Trying to get 5 kids under 5 to take a picture together... Hah!

Next week: our road trip to Michigan! 

Love, Molly

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