Friday, April 20, 2018

Here and Now: Week 15

Here’s what we did in our everyday lives this week: 

Michigan cousin time! Chantal, Justin, Samuel, Elsie

The last day of hotel life! The evening ritual of splashing in the pool (or hot tub, depending on which parent is holding you, hah!) has come to an end. 

Wild turkeys in Grandma Laura’s front yard

Normally I would never take a picture of a water tower, but I did. Because Flint.

Playing baseball

Our final score on our license plate game: 22/50. 

Samuel calls these “monster truck” rides; Uncle Jesse and Jacob were happy to oblige. 

More monster truck action at Jesse and Megan’s house

Elsie, discussing life 

Icy Lake Michigan 

The last of the road trip pictures! 

We are going to be staying in an AirBnB apartment in Monroe, Michigan for a month while Brent goes back to work at the main office in Detroit. We are looking forward to settling in, going grocery shopping, unpacking our bags, washing laundry, and doing all of that “normal” stuff. Yay!

❤️, Molly

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