Monday, April 30, 2018

Here and Now: Week 17

Here’s what we did in our everyday lives this week: 

City vibes; downtown Detroit

A walk along the Detroit river 

Brent was excited to see there’s been revival along Woodward Avenue.

Samuel made it to the top!

Wallbridge: Brent’s office building 

Common space 

Family selfie 

Swinging together 

This sweet girl turned TEN months old! (It was technically last week, but I remembered to take a picture this week.)

More signs of spring; slowly-slowly.

My babies like to play in the shower. ??? These scenes are recreated at least once a day. 


Samuel’s favorite activity to do during the day is “walk to the grocery store”. He likes to recite lists of food we should buy. He likes to go up and down the aisles. He also likes to get out of the stroller and “walk” from time to time. 


Exploring the back garden

My and mine top the list of Samuel’s often used words. (I think this is part of being two?) The only time it’s cute, is when we return from a walk and he spots the rental where we’re staying this month. I love how he excitedly yells, “My house!!!” and knows it’s a place he belongs. 

❤️, Molly 

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