Sunday, May 13, 2018

Here and Now: Week 19

Some weeks I feel more inspired to take photos than other weeks. This week? Not so much. (It also doesn’t help that my phone memory is maxed out and doesn’t like it when I keep pushing the limits.) We’re traveling to Indiana today, so maybe the new sights and sounds will kickstart some much needed photo organization and some more photo capturing. 

Pink and purple

Walking isn’t enough—Elsie is now climbing! I was helping Samuel in the bathroom and when we walked out, we found Elsie waiting for us in the stroller! 

We were reading together when Samuel pointed to this place in the book screamed, “Tracie!”. We sure miss our beloved neighbors and “grandparents” in Oregon. 

More picnics

Have you ever heard of a Walkability score? You enter an address on the website and it gives your specified location a rating. We are moving this weekend to a Walker’s Paradise! It will be so great for my car-less summer with two babies. 

More beauties

❤️, Molly

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