Monday, May 28, 2018

Here and Now: Week 22

Here’s what we did in four everyday lives this week:

We went on a little family trip to Kentucky to play in the park. The splash pad was a winner with both babies!

Elsie and Daddy

On Memorial Day we went to a berry farm to pick strawberries. It was a fun (and delicious) adventure. 

Samuel helped pick and eat. ;)

Elsie also sampled a few bites, and then proceeded to use the rest of the berry as hair conditioner. 

Ta-da! Berries for days!

And a close up, because I sure love that juicy little face.

In Newburgh

Assembly crew

As he screams, “Demo-day!!” . . .

Over the weekend we also went to a drive-in movie. The actual film was the dumbest (NEVER see Show Dogs!) but we enjoyed the experience. Mostly. ;)

Babies and berries 

Loves him some dessert in a “fancy cup” 

Southwest Indiana. So green.

Happy Five Years! Xoxoxo

Corn fields in May

Brent’s last day at the Toyota job site was on Friday. We finished packing our car and cleaning the apartment, loaded up, and began the trip back to Michigan. We rolled into Michigan on Saturday morning. Farewell, Indiana! 

Hello, new apartment! We are hoping to stay for ten weeks in our downtown Ann Arbor home. (We’re subletting from some recent University of Michigan graduates. Our building is geared toward students, so it feels a little like living in a dorm!) We have a lot of cleaning and unpacking to do, but we already think it’s our favorite place yet!

First nap in the new place 

❤️, Molly

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