Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Here and Now: Week 20

Here’s what we did in our everyday lives this week:

We had a full week! We moved out of our Monroe house on Saturday (12th) and drove to northern Michigan that afternoon. We stayed with my inlaws until Sunday nap time and then hit the road to move into our new apartment in Ann Arbor. We unloaded, shuffled stuff in our suitcases around, and reloaded our car with all that we thought* we would need for a two week work trip in Indiana. 

Hello/Goodbye! This is our “dorm room” apartment in downtown Ann Arbor. 

Then we drove late into the night to get as far south and as far west as we could. The babies were good little travelers, which was the best Mother’s Day present they could have given me. We made it to the job site on Monday and spent the rest of the week settling into our rental house in Evansville.

*We’re still trying to settle in... I wish we’d packed more of our everyday things, especially  kitchen items!

Samuel showing off his LEGO tower: “Ta-da!” 

Southwest Indiana is green, lush, and full of flowers.

Even the evergreens are sporting new growth. 

Walked her to sleep

Good morning, beautiful flowers!

Stopping to smell the roses 

Living my best life 


... and pinks

We call this row of bricks the “snack spot”. These two cutie babies absolutely love to have a popsicle and watch the neighbors.

Japanese maple?

Busy little bee

Shyly modeling what he calls his “Uncle David” shirt 


A virtual Mother’s Day present hand grown, picked with love, and digitally sent by my dear Jillie. xx

Samuel also calls this his “Uncle David” book. Can you tell he likes his Uncle David, Aunt “Cait”, and their puppy, Watson? (Although he still has a hard time remembering his cousin, Millie.) :)

❤️, Molly 

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