Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Here and Now: Week 23

Here’s what we did this week! (Note: Brent had to get a smartphone for work. Although he’s bummed to have to leave the “dumb phone” club, there are certain perks—like the camera! Without his photo contributions there would only be three pictures this week!)

Samuel has a long standing interest in vacuuming. This week he discovered mopping!

In our new apartment we have access to a deck, gas grills, and a hot tub. Samuel loves to go to the “water park” for a dip.



A successful trip to IKEA (by that I mean minimal tantrums by the parents or the babies) should be celebrated. This was Samuels first time getting ice cream in a cone!

My three. ❤️ Since Brent was working second shift this week, we got to enjoy the mornings together. 

These two have decided that bedtime snacks are the new normal. I usually make them toast or a give them a banana. On this night, Samuel decided to help himself and grabbed some freshly washed grapes off of the counter. 


Precautions, so mama can worry less about going to the hot tub solo with two babies.

Yes, we went to the “water park” a lot this week.


❤️, Molly

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