I'm Molly. I started this little blog when I moved abroad as a way to share stories with family and friends back home. Now that my husband and I have relocated to Oregon, USA, this space continues to be a way to document our little lives.
This space is mostly about my adventures, bits of daily life, and my wonderful community that helps me through it all.

I happen to like the Middle East, the Pacific Northwest, making discoveries, campfires, hugs, music, traveling to new places, coming home to familiar ones, growing things, books, bikes, mountains, early mornings, and a beloved old horse named Charlie.

Travel to 30 countries by my 30th birthday :: Visit Petra :: Go to the theatre in London :: Do a multi-day bike tour :: Eat warm, fresh baguettes from a French bakery :: Visit the Himalayas ::  Drive or bike through Big Sur :: Go sky diving :: Watch the sun set from the Eiffel Tower :: Go on a back country camping trip with the horses :: Hike the Tetons :: Holiday in the Cinque Terre :: Ride a camel in the desert :: Live a more balanced life :: Visit the Alaska Range :: Go paragliding :: See the pyramids and mummies in Egypt :: Run a marathon :: make an Anne of Green Gables pilgrimage to PEI :: Visit Iguacu Falls :: Make a fire pit & have campfires :: Hike the Grand Canyon ::  Visit the Redwoods :: Explore the canopy of a rain forest :: Go on a canoe camping trip :: Safari in South Africa :: Get dressed up for an Emirati wedding :: See the Northern Lights :: Travel to Greece ::  Explore the Chuckanuts :: Grow my own food :: Proficiently speak 3 languages-EnglishFrench, Arabic :: Walk along the Great Wall of China :: Cast out demons through the power of the Holy Spirit :: Get a masters degree :: Get a doctorate :: Make bread from scratch :: Visit all 50 states by my 50th birthday :: Build a Tom Sawyer raft :: See the view from the Empire State Building :: Do a triathlon :: Visit the Tower of London :: Learn how to swing dance :: Spend a day in Rome :: Visit all 7 continents by my 70th birthday :: Be in a musical :: Have a 'holi' color fight :: Get enough sleep! :: Make a photo collage of our grandparents and parents on their wedding days :: Go to a drive-in movie :: Machu Pichu :: Share the story of how Jesus changed my life :: Explore the Colorado River :: Visit the places where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived :: Complete the journey from Cape to Cairo :: Tour the Taj Mahal :: Have long hair (again) :: Hike the Enchantments in the Cascades :: Boat the Nile :: Go parasailing :: Watch a show on Broadway :: Trek the Camino de Santiago :: See the view from the Space Needle :: Learn how to play the guitar :: Live simply (It's a work in progress…) :: Run Bloomsday :: Raise the dead :: Take a hot air balloon ride :: Learn to use my camera :: Read on the beach in Hawaii :: Visit Victoria Falls :: Sleep in a tree house :: Win a Grand Champion ribbon at the county fair :: Bake a an apple tart, French style :: Witness the Holy Spirit healing people through prayer :: Float [part of] the Amazon River :: Take the Trans-Siberian Railway :: Summit Mt. Rainier :: Float in the Dead Sea :: Visit Niagara Falls :: Boat through the Sundarbans :: See an alligator in the Everglades :: Photograph Ayers Rock :: Road trip along Route 66 :: Visit Yosemite :: Organize my music and photo files ::  Have babies :: Host a weekly pasta night and invite the neighbors ::