Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week in Review

Despite high hopes for 2011, certain goals for this blog (like finishing posts about Jordan or Thailand or the summer--just to name a few!) have definitely taken a back seat. In the past month, my online time has been commandeered by the pressing search for a new teaching post. I'm happy where I'm at, but I'm also open to exploring new places, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences. (International Baccalaureate experience would be swell.) It's been interesting to consider what life would be like in other countries (Vietnam, Serbia, Netherlands, Myanmar, etc., etc., etc.) and to come to terms with the very likely possibility of staying another year here. We shall see what doors open -- or don't open.

This week was busy. When I haven't been filling out job applications I've been . . .

celebrating birthdays

making soup with lentils

making salads with quinoa

going on crazy fieldtrips with lions and lost children and scary women with wooden switches

going to yoga

helping with Feline Friends

spending a little time outside in the wonderful weather

hearing amazing stories from folks on the Logos Hope

enjoying my new blooms

writing up a storm

missing this fun gal

and catching up with a few folks on skype.

Although the job search always feels a bit tedious, I'm happy to report that overall it has been a good week. That jump start must have helped.

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[chrisotto] said...

Just gotta say, wow! Even if it is just the cliff notes, I can tell you're livin' life TOP GEAR!

It's been exciting to see what God's got in store for me here in Moscow... and it's all surprising since I thought I'd be overseas by now! But the lessons I've been learning here are amazing and eternal. The biggest one- work WITH GOD; there's those two ditches of legalism and liberalism, but staying in tune with God keeps you on the road :D I can't wait to see what's next!