Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have Fun Storming the Castle

Sometimes when you grow up on a certain movie, it has a special little spot in your heart--even when you openly acknowledge that from a more discriminate perspective it's not really that cool. For me, Princess Bride, in all its slapstick humor, happens to be one of those classic films.  I associate it with so many great quotes, so many great scenes, and so many great slumber party memories.  Apparently the cast got together this summer for their 25th year reunion; apparently I just couldn't resist sharing this pic.  It makes me happy.
 from Entertainment Weekly

♥, Molly

P.S. If the casts for Anne of Green Gables, Full House,  Home Alone, or Hallmark's Sarah Plain & Tall ever host reunions, I'll probably be posting photos of that on here, too.  Just warning you.


Sarah said...

Has the giant ("anybody want a peanut?") passed away? or could he just not make the reunion?

Molly said...

unfortunately he's no longer living. he died in his sleep of heart failure in 1993. :(

Sarah said...

aww. sad. Well at least he left a legacy! ;)