Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ABC, Easy As 123

In my last little update about teaching, I was having a bit of a rough time. I know it's all relative (AS IN I AM SO VERY THANKFUL I AM NOT TEACHING IN A BOYS SCHOOL!!!!) but the crazy scheduling, bewildered kiddos, interruptions, and lack of supervision was challenging. I normally love to go to work. However, for the first few weeks, just thinking about work made me want to run out into the middle of rush hour traffic and throw myself in front of one of the many giant SUVs that go rip roaring through the streets around here. (I know, I'm probably using just a bit too much "dramatic license.")

Somehow, though, agonizing seconds stretched into minutes, then hours, then days, then weeks. Before I knew it, a whole month had come and gone.

And in that month, good things happened.

Maybe I still feel like it's the Twilight Zone at least once a day. Maybe there are still unsupervised kids and crazy schedules, incessant interruptions and constant change. Maybe my little girls are still a bit wild. And talkativ
e. And testy. Maybe 99% of what I say is still lost in translation. But . . . maybe, just maybe, things are coming together. Slowly, slowly, slowly. Maybe, just maybe, it's becoming ABC, easy as 123.


Jill said...

same chairs and uniforms in my class!

Wendy said...

Molly, so glad things are coming together. I love the pictures of you and Jill kayaking -- looks like fun.

alexandria said...

I completely understand and I hope things are going more smoothly for you with teaching. I really like the photographs!