Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Down Under

If it weren't for school holidays, I'm not sure I would ever finish a book.  When I try to read before bed, I usually seem to nod off after the first paragraph.  (And I'm not exaggerating--according to my fitbit, it usually only takes me 7 minutes from the time I lie down to the time I fall asleep!)  Thankfully, travel time usually means good reading time.  I was able to finish 6 books while I was in Vietnam.

I started my trip with this book.  It's actually my first Bill Bryson book--but certainly not my last.  He has a funny, easy-to-read, informative style that makes you turn the pages faster than you think.  I've been wanting to go to Australia for a bit and this book only fueled the fire.  Aside from so many deadly creatures (on which this book places significant emphasis!) it sounds like an amazing country.  Yes, thanks to this book, Australia just got bumped up a few notches on my ASAP destination list.

♥, Molly

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