Sunday, July 2, 2017

5/13 - Berry Good Time of Year

Summer is my favorite season! (Which I may have nonchalantly also mentioned here and here.) To make the most of it, I brainstormed a little list of things to do. Here's our Summer Fun List:

  • watch a movie outside
  • make giant bubbles
  • fly a kite
  • build a sandcastle
  • visit the splash pad
  • pick fresh fruit
  • go to the fair
  • swim in the river
  • go camping with friends
  • bake a pie
  • dive off a dock
  • make fresh ice cream
  • go to the Oregon coast
  • ride horses
  • attend Grace Gate's church in the park
  • see the solar eclipse
  • play with sparklers
  • make fresh lemonade
  • ride in the combine
  • sit around a campfire
  • enjoy a picnic lunch
  • take a short hike
  • ride bikes
  • eat smoothies for lunch
  • go on a slip and slide
  • watch the stars come out and the moon rise
♥, Molly

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