Friday, June 29, 2018

Week 25

June 17-24

Happy to be swinging

360 degrees of color!

Passing through Graffiti Alley by our apartment

When he isn't playing LEGO or cars, baseball is Samuel's other passion. He likes to dress for the role and asks for help putting on his "baseball shoes" and his baseball cap. We only have daddy-sized baseball caps at home, so I tried to make one out of paper.

We spent the weekend with my in-laws at their home in St. Helen. This is the only picture from our visit, but it reminds me of the time and of the big downpour on Saturday.

I'll finish this week's update with one of Elsie's newest games: dressing herself! As I'm folding, she sometimes grabs freshly laundered items and puts them over her head. I have pictures of her running around in my dresses, but I think the time she wore a pair of Brent's [clean!] underwear might have been the funniest.

♥, Molly 

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