Sunday, January 22, 2012

2.5 Years And Counting

Today, January 22nd, marks the day I came to the UAE exactly 2 years and 6 months ago.

To celebrate, I pulled together a few random photos that I've taken. Almost all of them are from blog posts I never finished during my first year here.

I'm pleased about the things I've been able to do while living here. Things like . . .

Kayaking in the mangroves
photo by Fiona

Learning more about Islam
(This man is doing his evening prayers. Wherever you happen to be when the sun sets, you face Mecca, keep calm, and pray on.)

Eating Pakistani bread after yoga

Going to art shows

Getting acquainted with Indian food (This is my first dosa!)
photo by Esther

Goat watching

Saying good bye to co-workers; Trying new ice cream flavors

 Making our own fun
photo by Jill

Commuting in crazy traffic; living to tell stories about it

Enjoying a few movie nights at the Bidingers
photo by Curt

Watching my babies got their booster shots . . .

and learn their alphabet . . .

be silly . . .

and go on school field trips to Action Zone. Wheee!

Sometimes two and a half years feels like a long time--sometimes it seems like I just stepped off the plane for the very first time. Even though it's been an interesting haul with some unexpected twists & turns, I have to credit my time here as an adventure.  I'd even say a good adventure.

And it's not over yet . . .
♥, Molly