Saturday, May 26, 2018

Here and Now: Week 21

Our lives this week:

Until a few days ago, Samuel hasn’t been very interested in coloring. Then one morning he woke up and decided he was going to color a picture for Jon, our “Oregon grandpa” and former landlord. With Jon as his muse, he’s been coloring for hours everyday!

Resting on the lawn after “running the bases”; Samuel likes to pretend he hits lots of home runs

A mom brought a bubble machine to the park; it’s an instant way to make toddler friends!

Double umbrella stroller for the win!

Second time I’ve made this mistake...

So proud of his “BIG load!!!” on the trailer

Pile of babies and a pile of blankets

When Elsie eats markers

Sporting his overalls from Grandpa and Gigi; he insisted on “no shirt”

Picnic lunch at the middle school; school finished on Wednesday here in Evansville 

My friend, Cassey, and I are doing a summer photo project. I haven’t touched my good camera since the day we left Oregon.

Sunbeams and chunky thighs

Did I mention that Brent and I didn’t pack well for summer weather? Doing a quick mall run for a few basics. I haven’t been to a mall since Abu Dhabi!

Saturday afternoon

Although our sweet girl turned 11 months last week, I didn’t snap her picture until yesterday. 

  • She screams for ice cream.
  • Loves to give lots of slobbery kisses
  • Is the slowest eater ever (exception: ice cream!)
  • Has recently become my little baby bookworm; touch and feel books and the “babies” series by Global Fund for Children are her favorites
  • Walks everywhere and climbs everything (which is terrifying, because she can’t seem to figure out gravity)
  • She is our unstoppable Elsie!

❤️, Molly

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