Saturday, September 19, 2009

WORK (Week 3)

Week 3--Training from my PPP.
Enter employer #2. In addition to my main pay-check-writing, hiring-firing employer, I am also responsible to my PPP. Since most of you have not even taken Abu Dhabi Educational Acronyms 101, I'll go easy on you and give you this one: Public Private Partnership. Basically, the government hires an outside educational company to come in and implement all of the changes my main employer is trying to put in place. The public school partners with a private organization to make progress in all academic aspects. The 8 different PPPs working/competing with each other in Abu Dhabi are supposed to improve the standards in 147 different schools throughout the emirate. They have several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to meet. These KPIs range from higher academic scores to more efficient health and safety procedures to increased attendance.

My role last week was to collaborate with my PPP and assist in producing APs (Action Plans) to help all of the schools meet these already mentioned KPIs. The work wasn't super relevant, but I was getting paid for it, so I am not complaining.

Thanks to a ride from a coworker, I was able to get to the PPP office from the city fairly easily. However, transportation to my school is still a worry. (Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.) Doing a long term lease on a car or hiring a taxi to pick me up and take me to school each day are my two most feasible options. They both have pros and cons. With a little help from Picnik, here's our route to my PPP office:

Rolling, rolling, rolling,

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Wendy said...

Must be eternally frustrating having so many layers of people to please. I hope your week goes OK, actually I wish for better than OK!