Tuesday, July 6, 2010

countdown - 3

3 days/3 little things i'm not going to take for granted

1. being able to wear cute clothes in public.
i am BIG TIME tired of my clothes over here. potato sacks are only so attractive.
now i've always been into thrift stores, but all of the cute cute summer dresses here and here have made me even more excited than usual to hit up a few sales.
tanks. shorts. skirts. summer dresses. kachowpow.

i could make this my summer uniform.

i'm also into the polkas.

2. the freedom that comes with being able to drive
i do have an emirati driver's license. however . . . i don't have a car and i'm too scared to drive over here. being independently mobile sounds almost as blissful as it did when i was a sophmore. whoo!

(oops! i forgot where i really got this. bad blogger.)

3. understanding what people have to say; being understood when i have something to say.

this is my whuh? expression. it's a bit overused by now. i'm ready for a new look. photo from battered suitcases

i feel like that last one is hard to explain. while i really do love living in such a diverse, multicultural, multilingual city, communication is often a challenge. even though english is the lingua franca, there are very few native english speakers. as you can imagine, when most of the population operates in a language that is not their mother tongue, it leaves lots of room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. now things would be completely different if i was fluent in
but since i'm not, i'm admittedly looking forward to being able to express myself and know that the person receiving the message gets it--really gets it--on the first try.

y'alla bye,

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