Thursday, July 1, 2010

countdown - 7

7 days/7 harvests

1. carrots (ok--i know they won't be ready when i'm home) 2. berries
3. beans 4. tomatoes (photo from pilliebee)

i miss living, growing, green things. i miss walking barefoot through a freshly tilled garden. i miss seeing the wind ripple the wheat in the fields. i miss fresh, straight-from-the-earth produce. i miss the picking, washing, canning, freezing, planning, and anticipating that goes into gathering and processing a summer crop.

yeah--i'm just a little excited for the summer bounty in washington. not sure i'll be able to get enough of things like . . .

1. warm, sun-ripened raspberries (grandpa's garden, dad's garden, and the local berry farms here i come!)
2. blueberries (did i mention that they're pricey over here? 20 usd for 1 cup!)
3. juicy, flavorful tomatoes that you can just pluck off the plant and pop in your mouth
4. sweet strawberries (that actually TASTE like strawberries)
5. peaches (that actually SMELL like peaches)
6. bowls and bowls of cherries from the tree out the back door at dad & wendy's house
7. palouse winter wheat (so i don't really harvest this--i just like to ride in the combine once a year with dean)


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