Friday, July 2, 2010

countdown - 6

6 days/6 siblings

yup. i have 6 pretty incredible brothers and sisters.

our most recent family photo from summer 2008. i think we need to get an updated version of this--little winona is no longer in the womb! (and if you're wondering, the beautiful girl down in the left hand corner is my brother's girlfriend, courtney. i'd be pretty pleased if she became my 'sister' too.)

i'm hoping we might be able to negotiate work, fudge with vacation schedules, and overcome long distances so that all 7 of us can be in the same place at the same time this summer. if the 'whole gang thing' doesn't work out though, i'm bound and determined to grab some good quality time with each of the BROS . . .

1. galen--my best friend brother (p.s. he made me promise never to post this picture of him online. however, since that was like at least 8 years ago, i'm pretty sure whatever i agreed to back then no longer counts.)
2. walter my man--the brave, silly, snuggler brother
3. Reid (Read-A-Book) McGraw--he's my caring, conscientious, growing up too fast brother (he's almost 8!!! how is that possible???)
4. wyatt--my turbo-powered adventure-buddy brother

. . . and enjoy some sweet time with my BABY SISTERS.

5. nona—she’s the most delectable of all baby sisters (I'll just be happy if she remembers me!)

6. HB—my pragmatic, steady, rock solid, not-so-baby, baby sister; (she might grumble a bit about mowing the lawn or packing up my belongings for yet another move, but if i really need her to help me, i know she will be there. no matter what.)

i can't wait to be with you all!!!!!!!!



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