Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Log

During my freshman year of high school, my favorite English teacher gave me a valuable bit of advice: keep a book log. Until halfway through college, I relied on the ol' 3x5 notecard to keep tabs on my reading. Then, after jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, I transferred my Book Log to the "Social Living: Books" page. Unfortunately, during all the recent revisions and facelifts, my Facebook Book Log has somehow disappeared. I've decided to start over and use the blog as a way to record what I've been reading.

Here's my first completed book of 2011!

Stones into Schools by Greg Mortensen

Happy Reading!

P.S. I'm not really into writing reviews. (Probably because I don't like reading book reviews.)


joanne said...

Both my dad and I loved this book.

Molly said...

i know--such an inspiring story. i think i liked it more than *3 Cups of Tea*.