Thursday, January 27, 2011

galen's virtual birthday present

exactly one month ago, my pretty-much awesome brother, galen, turned 27. if i remember correctly, my sister, my mom, and i went together to get help get him some computer-thing. he probably liked it well enough. however, i know he would have REALLY liked this.


hope he doesn't mind a bit of good-natured, sisterly teasing. i can see it now . . .

galen's new favorite tow-behind vehicle:

perfect place to keep the cats when they're being too rowdy!

galen's new favorite thing to do with friends:

earthroamer rallies!

galen's new favorite place to go hunting:

anywhere! (click here to see some more 'roamer action shots.)

galen's new favorite feature:

big fridge for lots of bevvies!

and if anyone knows galen, his new, number one, can't-live-without favorite feature: a rig with a fresh water capacity of 117 gallons, including 13 gallons of 100 degree water. no need to worry--he can still take suuuuper long showers while he's on (or off) the road!

man--he really would have a lot of good fun with this get-up. too bad the price-tag is a bit hefty and i don't think any amount of perfectnessforgalenness is going to get me a sale. i'd probably have to work in abu dhabi for the next 50 years just to pay it off.
virtual gifting will have to do.

happy belated birthday!
love you!

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