Monday, January 14, 2013

Goodbye . . .

Last year I made some resolutions.  (Yeah, like 12 of them...) 

1. Send home ____ dirhams each month. My monthly savings plan worked for about half the year.  Now I'm behind schedule!
2. Learn how to change a flat tire on my bike.  Learned, but never really practiced.  If I had to change my own tire now it would be quite an ordeal.  Praise the Lord I didn't have a flat tire during my Oregon Coast bike tour!
3. Figure out imovie.  Yes, to make this little film.  However, doing it independently still seems so daunting that I haven't even tried to make another one.
4. Practice planning ahead, doing little bits along the way, and avoiding last minute crunches.  Sometimes.  I did better before I got a little distracted by a certain someone
5. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Yay!
6. Respond to emails within 1 month of receiving them.  I'm a little itty bit better than before. 
7. Finish reading my camera book. Halfway there . . .
8. Set better boundaries.  Hahaha.  Does it count if I ordered a book on the topic?
9. Practice more consistent giving.  Online giving makes things easier!  Someday, I'd love to do a series to spotlight some of the incredible projects out there.  It's encouraging to see the different ways people are helping build a better world.
10. Declutter, organize, and back-up my electronic life.  It's sad when you dedicate 5 full days to this but don't really have much to show for it.  Oy!
11. Ride my bike without hands. Woot!  I can even go over speedbumps without hands!  And although I'm incriminating myself by saying this, when I lived along the Corniche I was in the habit of texting while pedaling.
12. Rehabilitate my shoulder so I can do yoga, lift, and rock climb pain-free.  After 3 months of physical therapy and several trips to the neurologist, things aren't any better.  It was a bit of a disappointment to learn that the damage to my nerves is permanent.  Or so they tell me . . . 

As you can see, meeting 3 out of 12 goals leaves some room to grow. Wellll, LOTS of room.  I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't quite get where I wanted to be, but a wise woman once told me that a little bit is better than nothing.  Yes, a little bit is better than nothing.

♥, Molly

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