Friday, August 28, 2009

1 Week

Well, well, well. I hit the one week marker! And when I say hit, I mean it.

After sleeping so much on the plane and then getting a good night's rest when I first arrived, I've felt awake, energetic, and upbeat all week. I don't think I felt jet-lagged at all. That makes me wonder, is it possible to get jet-lag a week after you arrive?

I ask, because last night, I got so tired around 6:30 pm that I couldn't stay awake. I also got the chills, but thought it was just my air conditioning. Unable to fight it off any longer, I went to bed. I slept for a few hours before my friend, Lisa, called me over for dinner. (I apparently didn't hear her call me multiple times!) During dinner, I could not keep the conversation going because I was spending so much effort just trying to make my eyes focus. After 2o minutes or so, I left early to go back to bed. Good thing I didn't have something pressing to do, because I truly could not function.

Why yes, this is a most unflattering picture. But it's an accurate representation of how I felt last night. I nearly felt like I'd been hit by a truck--a truck full of sleeping pills . . .

After going to bed, I kept waking up & tossing and turning. This morning, I finally got up at 4:30 after lying there for awhile. Hate to admit it, but I hardly feel rested. Yes, mom--I took my temperature. I don't have a fever, so the chills must be from the AC. I guess I just need to go stand outside for 2 seconds and then I'll feel hot again!

What in the world just happened? So weird.

I suppose being rendered absolutely, helplessly incapable of staying awake is what comes about when you get let off of the jet-lag hook too easily. Everyone must have to pay their dues at some point--I just got sideswiped in the aftermath. I think I'm going to take it easy today and make myself drink more water. Any other suggestions?

Well, here's to a happy 1 Week Anniversary! Guess a little R&R is a good enough way to celebrate.


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Kate said...

Happy 1 Week Anniversary... even if you aren't awake for it!

Can you control your AC? When I was in India with Sean, he insisted on staying in hotels with AC. It was lovely... but all the temperature and humidity changes made me feel really off and I got sick more. The first time I was in India, we never got rooms with AC and I slept much better, even at 100 degrees.