Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monday Round-Up

Some quick tidbits to share . . .


7/4/08--Sparklers at Grandma and Grandpa McGraw's house
7/4/07--Pretending to be fireworks with Mary at Zuanich Park
7/4/09--Enjoying Leavenworth with the Millers
7/4/06--Rafting the Skykomish with Youth Dynamic Adventures

2. I'm feeling epically better today. Yay!
I'm thanking new nausea meds. And prayers. My doctor also says that in the course of things, days 5 and 6 are usually good days for people. Regardless of the reason, I'm grateful to be doing better.

3. And for your Monday Music:
The host and hostess of tonight's Fourth of July BBQ have asked each guest to bring their favorite 'summer jam'. I'm going to contribute the ever cheery 5 Years Time//Noah & the Whale. Have a listen--it's definitely worth making the jump!


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